High Technology, Hard-wired to Human Intelligence


Multiple research platform options for the client. 100% customization capabilities.
 New age .net architecture, ensuring a highly compatible platform for the entire software infrastructure.
Custom-built multi-hierarchal MIS to enable Project Managers complete information and control over projects.
Custom-built CATI, CAWI and CAPI which can be shared with the clients for sign-off.
Central List Database Management System to ensure proper storage and optimal usage of sample lists.
Voice File Search utility to enable the Quality Teams to search out particular voice files stored on Secured Drives, at the click of a button.
A maximum of 12 hour TAT on RFQs.
Questionnaire Review, Project Closure Synopsis for each project.
CATI interface shared with the client (with dummy IDs) to ensure that client expectations on CATI behaviour are met.
100% voice recording on a virtual drive shared with the clients on a real time basis (on specific requisition, but at no additional cost).
Dynamic Daily Updates per project, immediate service on urgent ad hoc requests.
Multilevel voice and data quality check on each completed interview before it is reported.
Live, per project status display with interview status and quotas, with the option of opening / closing a particular quota.
Entire data flow and edit handled through software systems, to ensure nil loss of information throughout the project.