Ask Not, Command!

Technical Capabilities

Because We Can.
At your service @Action Edge are:
In-house teams of experienced CATI programmers, with expertise in programming online surveys on various tools (C-sharp, confirmIT, etc), handling complex functions (branching, piping, randomization, etc), audio / video and flash programming, translation and programming of almost all languages, and the ability to manage even the most complex quotas.

Additional client confidence factors @Action Edge are:
Partnership with large Global Panel Providers, access to millions of B2C, B2B & healthcare panels and various markets across all geographies, and strong quality measures to ensure qualified responses and high quality data.

Techno-environs @ActionEdge enable:
Secure and dynamic hosting, availability of exclusive / shared servers as per project scope and complexity, and the ability to host several thousand surveys simultaneously.
Client monitoring of even the minute details on the project (including incidence, quotas, progress) and real time data access by clients, through re-portal link sharing.

Systematic, flawless Data Cleansing / Scrubbing (in-time detection of corrupt / inaccurate records, correction / removal of required records, parsing, data transformation, duplicates elimination, post-process control).

Precision Tabulation with Add-ons (table formation, format options, graphical representation of tables, tables on demand, dynamic tables, top-line reports, etc).

Qualified and experienced Data Processing Teams (experts in industry standard tools such as SPSS, Quantum, Quanvert, Win Cross, mr Tables, Excel, Access and MS-SQL).

Industry Standard Parameters (customized macro and case-based data audit, logic & sanctity checks, identification of outliners and straight liners).

Comprehensive CATI processes (100% Call Recordings for all projects), in-house monitoring of 30-40% calls, dedicated Quality Team and quality personnel for each project, continuous monitoring and feedback mechanism, random live and recorded call monitoring, etc).

Strategic Survey Programming (logic checks, piping, looping, content check, randomization, question flow and structure, layout review, back-end data capture checks, etc).

Dynamic Data Formation & Delivery (multi-level, multi-stage data quality checks, interim deliverables, robust project management with exceptional client communication).