Self-Sufficient Survey Centres Spanning the World

Survey Programming

ActionEdge maintains Survey Programming Teams across India and other major countries, each with its own state-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled programmers with experience and capabilities to conduct complex CATI and CAPI surveys.

Capability Overview:
Hosting surveys over the web
Confirming compatibility on all machines
Login and passwords for secure access
Unique tracking IDs for each project
Survey continuation from the point of stoppage
Dummy questions to identify respondent authenticity
Identifying straight-liners
Open and close-ended coding
Multiple choices
Skip patterns
Piping logic
Randomization and block rotation
Storing de-rotated data on back-end
Scaling questions
Ranking questions
Percentage Calculations

ActionEdge’s Project Management Module offers real time insights to the client and the Project Manager at remote locations, through tools, such as:

Live account view of all projects with their macro status
Live project status update
Live quota update and management
Live percentage top line
Live raw data (read only)
ActionEdge’s systems are compatible to diverse formats, including: