Optimal Environs + Ideal Expertise


The Alchemy of Meaningful Market Intelligence:

ActionEdge functions on optimal, best-in-class techno-infrastructure, operated by experts in all related fields.

Infrastructure: Highlights:

  1. CORAL – IRIS EPABX to support 128 interview stations for VoIP and MVoIP international lines.
  2. Separate EPABX for India dialling, with a dedicated PRI to ensure DOT compliance and optimum voice clarity.
  3. High-End CISCO Router to ensure superior voice clarity on international lines.
  4. Fully automatic recording server which can record from every voice port.
  5. Zyxel network security and content filter.
  6. Linksys switches and CAT 6 networking to ensure seamless connectivity.
  7. IBM PCs with licensed operating systems, data processing software and security software for optimum station performance.
  8. High-End Plantronics headsets with noise reduction, volume control and mute.
  9. Alternative power source uninterrupted operations.