Diverse Needs; Ditto Dedication

Case Studies

Multi-Country Email Servers:
Conducted in: 20xx
To understand trends in usage and buying behaviour of email servers across various markets
Research Spread: Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey , UAE & Poland
Number of Respondents: 250
Target Respondents: ITDMs and influencers with small, medium and large enterprises
Methodology: Delivery of data on client CATI

Appointment Setting:
To identify trends in email and communication solutions
Research Spread: FR, GR, SP, IT, UK, AU, US, IN, CN, UAE
Methodology: Screen and recruit the respondents for a one hour survey to be conducted by the analyst at the client’s end, located in US
Number of Respondents: 150
Target Respondents: ITDMs and influencers with small, medium and large enterprisesIT Sourcing Study:

To understand the demands of companies using ESPs (External Service Providers) to fulfil their needs / demands of IT infrastructure, procurement, storage, etc
Research Spread: FR, GR, UK, AU, US, and IN
LOI: 40 Minutes
Number of Respondents: 900
Target Respondents: ITDMs
Methodology: Screen and conduct the entire survey. Data Delivery in SPSS

Hatch-Back Cars – Online Study:
To evaluate the satisfaction levels of hatch-back car owners (end-users and principal drivers)
To determine the support expected from car manufacturers in the following six months
Methodology: Program and host web survey. Raw data and tabulations presented in MS Excel format.
Number of Respondents: 1000
Research Spread: UK

Number of Respondents:
Research Spread:

Software requirement Analysis:
to understand functional software integration requirements across organizations.
Methodology: In-depth research interviews conducted across various functional departments within multiple organizations in different industries.
Assignment: Data Collection, Data processing, Analysis, Tabulation, Report writing

Information Technology Trends Study:
to identify technology trends, budgets and consumer behaviour across US, UK, France, Germany and Australasia .
Research Spread: 12 verticals
Methodology: three-dimensional quotas and targeted sampling
Assignment: Data Collection, Data processing & Tabulation

Brand Tracker Study:
to help a large consulting group with insights on key client and channel partners.
Assignment: Survey Programming, Data Collection, Data Processing, Tabulation

Public Perception Study:
Client: Omnibus
To help a leading market research firm understand perceptions of general public on various topics.
Assignment: Data Collection, Data Processing, Top-line Report

Prospective & Retrospective Patient Diaries (Healthcare):
Competitive analysis of drugs used in diverse lines of treatments for asthma patients in China, India and Japan.
Assignment: Data Collection, Incentive Administration

Competitive Analyses of Companies & Lead Generation:
To generate detailed information about specified positions in organizations, and to perform a simultaneous secondary research and collect data for competitive analysis.
Data Collection (through Secondary & Primary Research), Data Processing, Tabulation