Every Breath, A Planned Act

Business Model

At ActionEdge, every research project is conceived, planned and executed in a highly systematic, strategic, scientific and stage-wise manner.

Proposal Stage:
Analysing and understanding client requirements – in terms of work quantum and cost inputs entailed.

Project Commencement:
Once the project is confirmed, experienced teams of project managers communicate with the client to reconfirm macro and micro level project requirements (through emails and telephone).

Team Selection:
A team of experienced Market Research Professionals, best suited for the individual project, is selected. As per requirement, this team will include: top data collection interviewers with diverse set of skills and multilingual capabilities, freelancers, quality analysts, reporting specialists, etc.

Project Execution:
The project managers train select professionals on the project (often with client involvement). Quality parameters are custom-built for the individual project. Daily updates and deliverables are extracted in phases. The workflow team cleans the data, analyzes it and presents to the client.

Project Finalization:
Once project closure is confirmed by the operations team, the back-end support team works on project feedback and invoicing processes, in conjunction with the client.

ActionEdge: Key Differentiators:
Optimal expertise pool. The best set of values and traditions in the industry. Genuinely global exposure. Teams of analysts and project managers consisting of veterans of knowledge processing outsourcing.

Client Extension:
Repeat clientele with virtually nil attrition. Steady addition of new clients. High levels of satisfaction among existent clientele.

Quality Process:
Quality processes without loopholes. Four levels of quality checks conducted before any component of work is delivered to the client. Assumption of complete responsibility of the project by the company (Action Edge). Payment sought only after 100% satisfaction of client needs.

Professional Human Talent Pool:
Vast network of experienced market research professionals to draw from. Selection and confirmation of teams by clients, in sync with their cost and quality expectations. Focus on every aspect of research – from end-to-end processes to small-time data collection processes.

Clients seen as owners of their projects, with all rights to be involved in any level / stage of the project. Clients encouraged to monitor all aspects of their projects live, through multiple tools.